Online Cash for Gold Buyer Reviews

Remember back in 2009 when MC Hammer was trying to get you to send your gold in to Cash4Gold?  Thankfully, that didn’t last very long.  It quickly became a joke – a sad joke really – because of how bad a deal cash for gold rates were back then.  They offered very low prices, despite record high prices in gold.

Well, the joke is over now.  People understand what gold is worth, and there is plenty of more trustworthy competition out there to fight to pay the highest prices.  Review sites help reveal which sites are trustworthy, which aren’t, and how to get the best price.

Gold ReviewsWe’ve found The Gold Selling Guide to be particularly useful for everything from pricing gold to finding a buyer.  You can figure out exactly how much your gold is worth, how to calculate it, and the best way to go about getting quotes for your gold.  They also have reviews for multiple companies on their website.

Most importantly, avoid the scams.  Here’s their guide to avoiding cash for gold scams.

Ratings are compiled based on a number of factors:

Insurance – how much do the gold companies insure packages for?

Price – You want to get the most cash for your gold.  They’ve done tests to see how pays the most.

BBB Rating – Are they accredited?  What is their current ranking?

Money Back Guarantee – Not happy with your payout amount?  This is how long the companies will give you to send back the gold for a full exchange if you’d rather have the jewelry than the cash.

Years in Business – You want to find a company that didn’t start up just now as gold has been exploding.  Many of the companies they feature have been in business for decades.

Customer Reviews – What’s better than hearing from people who actually worked with these companies?  You can see how many people are reviewing each company, as well as what kind of ratings and payouts they’re getting.

There’s a lot to look at when choosing a gold buyer.  And remember you can always at least take it to a local pawn shop or jewelry store for a quote too.  Most of these companies offer higher payouts, or even 110% guarantees to beat prices.  But still, it’s good to get at least a couple price quotes to get the most you can.

Express Gold Cash is frequently the highest rated buyer on many of the review sites.

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