Items Containing Gold

There are a wide variety of items that are made from precious metals like gold, silver, and platinum. Whether these items are just scrap gold, or something like an expensive piece of jewelry, they will both have value as they contain an amount of precious metal. Cash for gold dealers accept all types of precious metal and will compensate you for how much you bring in. Depending on what type of item you are selling, some places may offer better prices. For example, an engagement ring may be better off being sold to a jeweler with experience in gemstones, rather than the local pawnshop. Read below to find out more items that you can sell, or Click Here To Find a Gold Buyer.

Gold Coins

GoldCoinsCoins are one of the more popular items that are sold to gold buyers. Gold coins do not only have value for their gold content, but the rarity and significance of the coin can also play a large role in determining its value. Be sure to do some research on any coins that you may have before selling them. You can find reference prices online, and shops in your neighborhood could be experienced with gold coins.


silverwareIf you have an extra set of silverware that you no longer use, you could potentially earn a good amount of cash for the things you don’t need. The amount of silver content that your utensils contain will vary from set to set. The higher the silver content, the more money you will earn. Look at the price of silver to see when a good time to sell your silverware is.

Dental Gold

DGV-pic1Crowns, bridges, and other dental restorations can contain a good amount of precious metal ontent that will earn you money for an otherwise useless item. The only difficulty with dental gold is that it can be hard to determine a value. If you are thinking of selling dental gold, check out for more great information.

Engagement Rings

Where-To-Sell-Diamond-Rings-For-CashWhether you went through a divorce, or are in desperate need of cash, selling your engagement ring is one of the most expensive items that people sell. As it was mentioned above, make sure you sell to a buyer who has experience with gemstones. You will want to make sure that you get as much as you can for the diamonds in your ring. Other Gold Items Below are some other items that you can sell to gold buyers

– Gold Class Rings
– Silver Coins
– Sterling Flatwar
– Gold & Silver Jewelry
– Diamond Jewelry
– Broken Gold Jewelry
– Scrap Gold
– Wrist & Pocket Watches

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