Where To Sell Gold

cash for gold near meIf you are wondering where the best place to sell your gold is, then you have come to the right place. As it was mentioned elsewhere on our site, depending on what type of gold item you are going to sell, some gold buyers may be a better option for you. Collectibles and gemstones can be hard to value for the average cash for gold dealer, so someone who specializes in these products would be more comfortable offering you a higher payout. Look at the different types of gold buyers below to find the best one for you.

Cash For Gold Dealers

There are usually a multitude of these types of shops in every city. They will buy your scrap gold, broken jewelry, and other items that you may have, while providing you with cash on the spot. For a quick transaction, these types of places will be your best option. If you have a gold items that may have other value, besides its gold content, then it is likely best to choose a different buyer.

Cash For Gold Near Me

Online Gold Buyers

Online buyers are similar to the local gold buyers, but they have the ability to offer more money. This is because of the large amount of transactions that they conduct. While it is likely that they will provide you with more money, you will have to wait a few days because of the process. Online gold buyers to have experience with gemstones, so they are a good option for many types of jewelry.

Gold Buyer Reviews

Local Jewelers

Jewelry stores in your neighborhood will always be looking to add to their selection. Many times their inventory comes from products that are purchased from individuals. Engagement rings are often sold to jewelers because their experience with diamonds allows you to be sure that someone reputable is inspecting your jewelry.


pawnMaybe you are not ready to sell your gold jewelry, but are still in desperate need of money, then a pawnshop could be best for you. By pawning your jewelry, you will be able to receive the money you need, while having the opportunity to get back the piece of jewelry that you loaned.

Coin and Collector Stores

Some gold items are worth more than their weight in gold. Whether there is historical value, or rarity, something like a gold coin can end up being worth a large amount of money. Collector Stores will have knowledge on these items along with books to reference coin prices and help you understand what items you have. This is not the most popular option but definitely a good idea if you have gold from a long time ago.

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